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Help us bring healing and wholeness to the world

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...from fearfulness to Love, from disordered attachments to Love, from dis-ease to wholeheartedness, from enslavement to the false-self to the life-giving freedom of the True-Self.

I would highly and especially recommend BTS to people in ministry and to all who hunger and thirst for more of God, for greater discovery of the true self God has created, to experience His love more deeply, and to live more fully in that blessed reality.
~H-H K, Missionary - Southeast Asia

BTS has encouraged more honesty in my life - with God, others and myself. This honesty and accompanying unconditional acceptance is encouraged in the group times and spills over into my daily life.
I have experienced a greater freedom and courage to be more the person God created me to be and to love more genuinely those around me.
~Sharon - seminary student and mother of two

BTS, has given the gift of helping me find God when I could not find Him on my own. and a space to become more fully human. Without this my personal spiritual life would have suffered, but even more, God's people would have experienced a much more tired and tepid pastor than they deserved….
This ministry goes "deep" and that is what so many of us pastors and leaders need. I have greatly benefited from being a part of BTS and so has my church through its renewal in my life.
~Alex- Inner City church planter,